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Image campaign "Swiss farmers welcome you"

Agriculture is in the spotlight of society, and as food producers and service providers farmers depend on a positive and well-functioning partnership with their consumers. It is therefore essential for the farming community to promote its image and to build bridges for a better understanding between the urban and rural population. The image campaign is supposed to highlight a positive corporate image and the innovative character of Swiss farmers.

The recent campaign

Since 2011 farmers are in the focus of the campaign. They are declaring their contribution for the population in Switzerland. In four TV-Spots they present a range of their capabilities, e.g. botanist, onomastician, retailer oder landscape artist. The following efforts lay behind these abilities:

  • Production of high quality food and agricultural commodities
  • appropriate animal care
  • Support of biodiversity
  • Cultivating the landscape

The beginning

In 1998 Swiss farmers saw their image hit rock bottom due to difficult political debates. In order to improve this situation the Swiss Farmers' Association (SFA) has launched a long-term image campaign entitled "Swiss Farmers Welcome You" which has been continuously extended and comprises various sub-projects. The SFA has secured partnerships with organisations like Cantonal farmers’ unions, trade associations, schools and even businesses which support the campaign managed by SFA.

Inseratekampagne 1998
TV-Spots 2000
Kampagne 2003
Tramwerbung 2003
Kampagne 2004
Kampagne 2005

Public figures for agriculture

In 2006 the campaign was pushed after a contest for advertising agencies. Public figures of economy, sports, culture and showbiz were giving statements for the farmers on posters and ads. The Edelweiss pattern became a characteristic element for the various projects of the campaign.


Campaign 2006
Campaign 2007
Campaign 2008
Casting 2009
Campaign 2010
Promotion winter 2010

Recent campaign



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